WordDriver for Coviu

This is a development page to support a Coviu adapted version of WordDriver for teletherapy. To see more information about WordDriver please see worddriver.com

Coviu is a Sydney, Australia based company which has a particular interest in teletherapy in the healthcare environment. The platform provides seamless access across all devices, laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. Clients simply meet us in our online "Coviu room".

Connecting to Our Coviu Room

  1. You need to use Chrome (49+) or Firefox (50+) browser (or Safari 12+ on Macs) - nothing else is required or installed on your computer.
  2. The link to our room is: https://elr.coviu.com/room/speech
  3. You click on that link and follow the instructions to "Join as a Guest" and enter the room.

I'm Having Problems With My Coviu Session

Here are some links that may help resolve problems:

  1. Coviu Precall Test
  2. Coviu FAQ - What hardware do you need for a Coviu call?
  3. Coviu FAQ - Coviu Firewall and Proxy Settings
  4. Complete Coviu Tools
  5. Complete Coviu FAQs

Last updated: May 03 2019